1. By the year 2020, according to the US Labor Bureau, there will be 1,000,000 jobs in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and Math). The shortage of qualified candidates to fill these positions is staggering. The average salary for a computer programmer in 2013 was $76,000. So if you want to ensure your child’s future, in terms of a career, make sure they get education and training in the field of computer science.

2. The k-12 schools, both public and private, are simply not meeting the needs of children when it comes to STEM, especially in the area of computer science. Only a handful of high schools even offer computer science courses, and many of the classes do not count towards the needed requirements for graduation.

3. Learning computer programming helps your child develop skills that will benefit her in other areas, such as logical thinking and problem solving. Developing programs and applications also requires creative thinking, and many students love the freedom in creating digital art.

4. Statistics have shown that the earlier a child is introduced to programming concepts, the easier it will be to transition into more advanced computing skills. Kids who have been exposed to computer science in grade school are twice as likely to major in computer science in college. If your kid loves to play computer games, chances are he will love learning how to create computer games even more!

5. More than two thirds of jobs requiring programming knowledge are not in the computer science field. For instance, industries such as sales and marketing, business, and communications are all moving in the digital direction, and more jobs than ever will require some knowledge of computer programming and software.