Creating Games with Scratch

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What is Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language with a drag and drop block system. It also includes a pretty powerful paint editor, as well as world-wide community of users.

Scratch was created by the MIT Media Lab for the purposes of teaching people of all ages how to code.

Learning how to use Scratch

Creating a Scratch account is easy and free. An email account is required to activate the account and parents should monitor the community activity when their children are using Scratch.

Many schools and communities host Scratch classes and workshops, but it is possible to learn on your own. There are lots of resources for educators to teach Scratch, and coding experience is not required.

Using Scratch to Create Games

One of the best books I’ve found to teach game coding is “Coding Games in Scratch“, by Jon Woodcock. This book is perfect for kids, ages 8-12, and it has step by step instructions for creating races, mazes, puzzles and multi-player platforms. Coding concepts are explained throughout the book and kids love to collaborate and help each other.


In my experience teaching Scratch to kids, they not only love the program, but they learn how to solve problems and think creatively. Gaming adds another layer of fun and challenge to the learning process. I would suggest starting with a basic Scratch workshop to get the fundamentals before moving on to coding games. However, it really doesn’t matter where you start, Scratch is a great programming language for kids or anybody interested in learning how to code.


Girls’ Creative Computing Class

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Creative Computing Class for Girls

creative computing for girls

We had a terrific Spring semester at Coast Episcopal School with our Creative Computing Class for girls. We created journals on the first day so we could map out our designs and ideas. From there, the girls learned the in’s and out’s of the Scratch programing language. They created amazing art using the paint editor and made their art come alive (animation) through coding. We covered lots of C.S. concepts such as algorithms, conditionals, parallelism, and gaming. Some girls even used Scratch to create school projects!

Best of all, they helped and supported each other through collaboration and encouragement. What an inspiration!!

Here is a sample project from our class.


Hour of Code in Ocean Springs, MS

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The Hour of Code will take place at the Ocean Springs library on Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code introduces students K-12 to Computer Science. We will begin with a short video. Then we will learn to code using fun programming games. Each participant should bring the device of their choice (laptop, tablet or phone). We will have extra devices so come even if you don’t have a device. Bring earphones if you have them. It will be a fun night of Computer Science activities!

Sponsored by Code School Rocks.


Pathways 2 Possibilities – Gulf Coast

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The 4th annual Pathways2Possibilities Career Expo is scheduled for Nov 16 – 17, 2017. South Mississippi 8th graders will visit the Mississippi Coast Convention Center where they can take part in hands-on activities in a variety of occupational fields. Over 25,000 South Mississippi 8th graders have attended the Expo in recent years.

Code School Rocks and CSR Web Consulting will be participating in the Information Technology pathway during the 2017 expo. We are planning interactive stations to engage the kids, and give them a taste of the possibilities waiting for them in the growing and exciting field of Information Technology.

For more information on the expo, or if you would like to volunteer or sponsor the event please visit their website.


Ocean Springs Upper Elementary is Spreading some Tech Love

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Melissa Sundberg teaches technology at the Ocean Springs Upper Elementary school. Mrs. Sundberg is teaching the kids how to code and leading a Scratch club for interested students. She is sharing many other techy things with her elementary students, such as the Dash and Dot programmable robots. Her most recent project is developing a maker’s space in the library with lots of items to tinker, hack and build with.

Melissa Sundberg’s goal to is “push all our students beyond the ‘book box’ and to think outside of it”. The Ocean Springs School System is lucky to have a teacher so dedicated to teaching 21st century skills!Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.50.45 PM

Take a peak at  Mrs. Sundberg’s Donor’s Choose page. You can check out all of her interesting projects. Please consider donating to one of her worthy projects.